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At Lumen, we make gloves that are geared towards the Gas & Oil Industry, as well as the Automotive, Tactical & First-Responders Industries.  We own the factory that produces our products, and there are new products constantly in the works.  Our current products have undergone extensive testing to ensure the highest level of quality for wherever the job may take you.  Whether you need impact resistant work gloves for your job out in the oil fields, or an all purpose mechanic glove for the shop or job site, Lumen is there to provide you with the very best protection and the added benefit of unparalleled dexterity in a work glove.  Shop our selection of work gloves now and get yours today!


Are you looking for someone to manufacturer your own branded gloves and apparel?  Well, look no further because we also offer a private label service to other companies.  Is there a glove, in our current lineup, that you have really enjoyed using and would love it even more if it were branded with your logo?  With a small minimum order, we will brand one of our current gloves with your company’s logo and special colors.  We will also build you a custom glove, from the ground up.  That’s right, you can design your own glove, have us manufacture it and then sell it yourself, however you please.  We enjoy partnering with others and working as a team.  We want you to succeed, because when you do, you will come back to us for your next, even bigger order.  That is truly a win win situation.


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